What We Do Best

core service Areas


  • Ambient & Temperature Controlled
  • Inventory ageing analysis to control the near expiry products
  • Dust free environment and temperature control
  • Handling of the Product with delicacy
  • We treat ourselves as custodian of clients products and we take extra care for the same
  • Heavy duty storage facility, storing on pallets
  • Set and maintain high standard of Cyclical Count accuracy
  • Maintaining 100% Inventory Accuracy
  • Customized services to suit the product requirement
  • We follow the best of warehousing principles for Inventory movement

Distribution & Logistics (3PL)

  • We understand the importance of delivering the Right Products at the Right Time at the Right Place
  • We even provide Flexibility in delivery schedules. Delivery of the products even at odd hours to support any unexpected emergencies. Strong packaging to avoid any damages
  • We can provide Logistics solutions through owned vehicles or through approved delivery partners
  • All the shipments are tracked and documents can be retrieved instantly

Customer services

  • Sales Order & Purchase Order fulfillment
  • We can receive the orders from Stockist / Distributors / End customers directly to our warehouse by email/Portal
  • Do sales order processing in software, generate Proforma Invoices(if required), allocate the products, generate the invoice and dispatch the materials with pick list / invoice to the stockist / Distributors /End customers
  • Daily shipment status with dispatch details by email
  • We also provides all type of Sales reports to the sales and marketing team of the company as per the agreed schedule
  • We provide various MIS reports to support the decision making process for Demand Planning and supply chain activity of our customers

Importing agent services

  • Prudent will Register all the products with DCGI
  • Prudent has IEC, GST and State FDA registration to Stock & Sale in Wholesale
  • Prudent will be flexible to give up the Import Drug License (IDL) when company is ready to set-up commercial operations in India or whenever requested
  • Fulfillment of Distributor Orders
  • Labelling of Products under Letter of guarantee/Private Bonded Warehouse/ affiliated Public Bonded Warehouse
  • Primary and Secondary Sales Tracking of all goods imported and distributed at Serial No./Batch level

Value Added services

  • Demand planning
  • IT enabled services
  • Tender Documentation
  • Procuring Certfications : ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GDP/GDPMD, Certificates for government tender - Non-Conviction Certificates (NCC), Market Standing Certificate (MSC) from State FDAs
  • Consignment Inventory Management
  • India Specific MRP Labelling
  • Destruction of Expired / Damaged Products
  • Procuring Licenses : DGFT-IEC, CDSCO-MD 15, State FDAs- Form 20B/21B

Consultancy services

  • Outsourcing of Warehousing, Distribution, Back office work - Order fulfillment activity, Customer service, Demand Planning activity with trained staff In House at client’s place or by Complete Outsourcing.
  • Pre-Operation & Post Operation Setup
  • Identifying and setting up Right Location for warehouse and Setting up the facility
  • Identifying and setting up Custom Notification under which products can be cleared
  • Identifying and setting up Proper channel for sourcing the material by selecting the right Airline and right Freight Forwarder
  • Identifying and setting up Lead time from the date demand signals initiated and the products received in house
  • Identifying and setting up Tool to calculate the demand signals at final product level
  • Identifying and setting up Replenishment schedule with principal

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