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'Prudent' is
a family

A rooted sense of co-operation and mutual benefits runs deep within the Prudent culture. Our strength lies in our team  – Sensible, Far Sighted, Cautious and Careful in our services to our customers. After all that’s the definition of our name “Prudent”.



We are a team of people with many years of experience in this industry and that brings in the professional element.



To support our customers to remain focused on their core competencies and we handle their operations.



Our trained warehouse staff understands the sensitivity involved in handling medical device product range.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…”

Sun Tzu

We are in this for long

Since 2004

Established in 2004, Prudent has a long term vision & mission to take extra care in whatever we do. 

Our founder director has 26 years of experience in medical device industry in leading various supply chain functions. Our young & dynamic engineer director strives for continuous improvement using innovative technology.

At Prudent, we tend to be focused at what we do. We have specialization in handling medical device range as we are a
100% dedicated service provider for Medical Device Industry.


Our strength

  • We are highly flexible and we customize processes to suit all the requirements of principle companies
  • We have State of the Art Internal Control System accomplished through comprehensive SOPs developed upon ISO 9001:2015, GDP and best global practices.
  • We have a Cost Effective & Simple Cost Structure : Cost + Management Fees
Focus on best global practices
Global acceptance of the cost model

we will assist you in the best possible way

We have a great track record in being a dependable partner to our clients 


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